• Play Time Is Extremely Important To Your Toddler's Development

    Playing with your toddler can be a joy for many parents, while other parents unfortunately see it as a chore. No matter if you see it as a great opportunity to bond with your toddler or it is something you dislike doing, playing with your child is an extremely important tool to helping her develop properly. This is because children learn to interact with our world through play, and this helps them to develop many of their key motor and cognitive skills. More and more parents are starting to understand the importance of play with children as it is being stressed more and more by many experts and doctors, but this does not necessarily mean you have to go out and buy educational toys to help your toddler learn.


    There are a number of wonderful learning toys that you can buy for your child, including toys that help their sensory development, math skills, memory, etc.. But keep in mind the most important thing is not really the toys that you are using for your toddler, but the way that you interact with her. Everything that you do with your child is a learning experience for her and helps her to experience the world in a new way. You don't necessarily need to go to the store and buy toys to help your baby develop properly, and many of the simple items around your house can serve the same function as these expensive toys.


    As an example, you can play memory games with many of the items around your house, by simply placing several items in a basket that are strewn about the house, and asking your child to place the items back where they belong. Another example is to use fruit such as grapes, to help teacher child about counting. You can play a simple game of adding and subtracting, by asking your child to give you a specific number of grapes, or to take them off of your plate. Also, a routine trip to the park or in your backyard can open up a whole new world to your toddler, as you can point out a number of things that are happening in nature. Simply showing your child such things as an ant hill or a leaf changing color, can be quite the learning experience for her.


    Remember, playing with your child is only limited to your imagination, and things that you are used to see every day and take for granted, will be completely fascinating to your toddler!


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