• Opportunities For Children to Practice Their Reading and Writing

    Reading and writing activity doesn't just have to be about books. Below are many everyday activities discussed by Helene Goldnadel where you can find a reading or writing opportunity.


    • Ask your child to help you write out the shopping list for the ingredients needed for tonight's dinner after reading the recipe
    • Ask your child to read the instructions to a game or puzzle
    • Play games to improve their spelling and word recognition, such as Scrabble, Boggle or Hangman
    • Share letters or postcards from family members and help your child to write one back
    • When choosing a DVD or film to watch ask them to read the titles to you, keep a family film review book and get your child to write their thoughts
    • Play games on the computer that are related to letters, reading or words
    • Play word snap - you can create this game for free
    • Create a scrapbook of holiday activities and encourage your child to write a short diary entry for each day
    • Ask your child to write out place settings when you have friends over for dinner
    • Get your child to write cards on special occasions
    • Help your child to write their own books and cut out pictures from magazines or draw the pictures together
    • Create a photo album and ask your child to label the photos
    • Play word bingo on a car journey, write down a list of words of objects you may see and have your child cross them off as they see them
    • Have a treasure hunt and ask your child to write/read out the clues on how to find the treasure
    • Help your child to write a letter to their favorite magazine or TV show
    • Play word search, these can be created for free at home by drawing a grid and hiding words in random letters
    • Ask your child to read out the instructions to a recipe you are cooking together
    • Let your child read the menu at a restaurant
    • Play label eye-spy if your child is just learning letter sounds when in a store and see if you can spot words starting with that letter on food packaging
    • Play with a re-writable white board or chalk board to practice letters or words
    • Create a themed project, such as Autumn or sharks, and help your child to research and write a summary of what they find out


    Reading and writing does not have to be confined to school. The more practice they get the more their skills will improve.


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