• Is Your Child Living Up to His Potential?

    There are so many products out now that claim to turn your infant into rocket scientist, or at least produce an IQ score like one. The truth is you are born with a certain amount of potential and the environment around you either contributes to or depletes it. The debate about which factors are most significant will continue beyond my days - of that much, Helene Goldnadel is sure.


    The reality is that you, as a parent, do play an important part in the shaping of your child's attitudes about learning. If the child is 'hot-housed' like green tomatoes that are forced to appear ripened by artificial means, he will likely develop anxiety related to extraordinary expectations. Conversely, if the child is left alone in an empty room with nothing to stimulate him, his language skills will not develop on-time, nor will his motor skills. When compared to his peers, he may appear to be delayed. 


    The ideal situation is when a child has a variety of stimulating objects to support his development pattern. The best thing a parent can do is supplement physical stimulation with language development and emotional support. As the child grows, he will be able to voice his preferences for certain activities over others. Recognizing these preferences is the secret to unlocking his full potential.


    The best possible performance you can have from any person is a result of harnessing his passion. When we are passionate about something, we pay no attention to how much time and effort it requires. We think nothing of things that we miss out on. We become consumed with finding out more, becoming better, while living for, and through our passions. What you want to discover and cultivate for your child are his passions.


    You may be wondering how you can apply this philosophy to textbook learning, because that is the standard route. Well the truth is that it may be impossible. You can however, take topics or processes from textbook experiences and turn them into special projects. You can invest in a chemistry set, or climbing equipment or dance classes. You could also find books at the library or videos on YouTube.


    In order to unleash your child's true potential, all you have to do is stand back and watch. Allow him easy access to the tools of his passion, mentors or teachers to help him along the way, and sufficient time and encouragement to develop his skill. He may not stay with one thing, but don't let that stop you. Each step leads to another. We never stop learning as long as we are alive. Once you begin this process, his passion will extend to everything he learns. In fact, learning will become part of the process of pursuing his passion. Try it, it works.

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