• Father and Child Reading Activities

    When you think about reading to children, mom is usually the person we think of. But dad's also needs to read to their children. This is just as important as mom. Evidence has shown that children whose father read to them receive higher grades in school. This activity will also help establish a bond between father and child that will last forever. This bond will help with your communication later when your child reaches their teen years.


    Your probably asking yourself, how do I do this? Remember to keep the process simple. Go to the library and find books that interest you and your child. These books can be picture books, that you can look at. Use the pictures as discussion starters with your child.


    If your child is older, then you can read chapter books to him or your child reads to you. When you start this activity it may feel unnatural, just keep at it. Remember children don't normally see their fathers as the person that reads to them.


    For parents that are separated by divorce or other circumstances, read to your child over the phone or by using the internet. Make sure that you setup a specific time and honor that time. Your child will learn from you that reading is important.


    If you can't get into reading a book with your child, another activity would be to tell your child stories about yourself and your family when you were young.


    As you are driving through town talk about the printed words that you see in the environment. The advertisement signs and what they mean. This is also a form of reading. Restaurant menus is another form of reading, especially the children menu.


    If you take your child shopping have him help you make the shopping list and discuss the vocabulary for that project.


    Reading or literacy activities as they are call, have many faces. Don't think that because you can't read to your child that you as a father can't contribute to his or her success in reading.

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