• Benefits of Reading Habits for Children

    The ability to interpret not only lasts forever, but it also brings forth a plethora of benefits for young children. Below are some of them discussed by Helene Goldnadel:


    Boosts vocabulary and comprehension - A child who starts reading early will obviously know many more words than his peers. With it comes the power of understanding too, as the child can grasp and appreciate what he learns.


    Brain development - One can consider it as an exceptional exercise for the mind. It strengthens the connections in the brain and sharpens the child's concentration. It builds a strong memory and makes the child disciplined as well.


    Academic excellence - Early reading paves the way for outstanding performance in school. The child not only knows how to use words and structure sentences but can also easily comprehend the varied concepts that are taught in class. As he develops logical thinking, reasoning and judgment abilities, academic success is bound to follow.


    Improved communication - It follows that a child who can study well will be able to express himself fluently in both speech and writing. Having the right words at his fingertips also builds a strong sense of confidence in the child who will grow into an articulate and independent person.


    Broadens the intellect and imagination - A child who reads continues to absorb information about the people, places and things around him. He becomes knowledgeable about the world at large and the same knowledge boosts his imagination. The child will enjoy imagining the things and situations he interprets about.


    Healthy relations - Interpreting about various characters and their interactions makes the child more empathetic and attuned to people around him. He will surely bloom into a considerate and compassionate adult.


    It becomes fun too - The more a child reads the better he gets at it. And the better book-lover he becomes, the more he starts enjoying it. It feels relaxing and the child may not even hesitate to pick a book over a video game or other gadget! Indeed, it becomes a source of great entertainment and the joy of reading continues lifelong.


    Is it any wonder that parents and teachers alike strive to teach children to interpret as early as possible? In fact, parents start reading to their infant child which exposes them to books, words and sounds. And as the child grows, they try different techniques to develop the ability in this.


    However, learning how to read and write does not necessarily have to begin with interpreting only. Young children can also be taught to interpret by teaching them to write first. This revolutionary program of learning how to read and write amalgamates the popular techniques and yet focuses on teaching children to write. Amazing interpreting skills follow very soon and the children actually start taking pleasure in reading what they write.


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